How it all began

16. May 2015

My fascination for three dimensional art started when I was a kid. I remember using pieces of packaging material like styrofoam, carve them to form shapes, paint them and glue them onto a cardboard or the wall directly to decorate the walls. Later, I started making forms using Plaster of Paris which is a clay-like material and sticking them on decorative earthen jars. In fact, every piece of art in my house was made by me. To me, something that had depth and three dimensional qualities was visually more appealing than a two dimensional painting.

But it wasn't until recently that I came across the art of paper filigree also known as quilling. I was blown away by some of the work I saw on Pinterest. Quilled art not only had the three dimensional qualities but also this beautiful effect of light and shadow. Somehow, this art form resonated with me. I had to give it a shot! This was sometime late last year, around the same time when I had to stop working due to some unavoidable circumstances. I began exploring the world of paper filigree.

I made my first piece of quilled jewelry and a monogram for my best friend's birthday. I have to admit that when I started out, I found the medium of using paper extremely challenging. I started with the more traditional forms of quilling but realized that it didn't nearly excite me as much as the modern take on quilling which uses the paper-on-edge technique. Fast forward a few months later, I learned the art of manipulating paper to create modern quilled art. I learn more and more about the art as I make new pieces and I am excited to share some of my work with you all.


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Delkash on September 18, 2015

MARLO ! I LOVE WHAT I SEE !!! I cannot express how excited I am…CONGRATULATIONS !! I am definitely going to get a piece for my new apartment! Keep rocking woman……. Lots of love and good wishes…..your new FAN from New York…wohoo ! :)

Pranoti on September 17, 2015

What a Talent!! Congratulations and best wishes on your product launch! Best, Pranoti & Sushil

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