Quilled logo in the making

20. September 2015

Some of the best creative outcomes are the ones where the mind is free to explore and experiment. That is what I love about the work I do. A few months back we had invited our dear friends over for dinner. At the time, I had a few pieces of my artwork on display in our living room. They instantly fell in love with my work. I told them that I am going to make something special for them. Now these dear friends of ours also happen to be our toddler's care provider from the time he was really little. And so, I decided that I am going to quill their business logo for them. I asked my friend to send me her business logo. The logo was a simple logo of a happy child and shapes of a circle, square and triangle. To merely quill the logo as is would not have been as exciting or challenging. I decided that I wanted to quill elements around the child that make most of their day at the daycare. And so, the final outcome was the logo surrounded with elements that bring happiness in a child's life - sunshine, flowers, grass, star, music, crayons, bubbles and more! I used different shades of green to add depth, shadow and interest. Enjoy these in-progress pics of the art. Will post a pic of the final product once it's complete! 

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