Quilled Typography

23. September 2015

Paper is actually a very versatile medium to work with. Artists all over the world have explored this medium to create some astonishing works of art. One of the creative ways in which paper is being used is by combining it with typography to create some beautiful quilled lettering. Also known as ‘Quillography,’ quilled lettering is getting very popular. In fact, digital illustrations are being replaced by paper typography. There is that three dimensional visual appeal and tactile feel of paper that digital illustrations can never replicate. According to noted paper craft illustrator Owen Gildersleeve, the design world is turning away from digitization and once again embracing the imperfections of handmade, craft-based practices. Noted companies all over the world are using quilled typography to advertise their brand. I have always loved typography especially calligraphy. On a side note, my first ever gig during school was to hand write wedding wishes on hundreds of cards in calligraphy for a client. I was beyond thrilled when I earned my first real money! Having seen some beautiful quilled lettering, I wanted to give it a try. I wanted to quill the word ‘Love.’ Why love? There are multiple reasons for this but the most important one for me was the powerful message that this word carries. Instead of using the traditional quarter inch paper that I usually work with, I used a half-inch wide paper. I decided against using a mix of colors and stuck to a white monochromatic color scheme for the lettering. I wanted to keep it pure and simple. The result, as you can see in the photographs here, was a simple looking artwork displaying a beautiful message.

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