My first art show!

05. November 2015

 Tomorrow Friday Nov 6, 2015 is a very special day for me -- my work will be featured for the very first time at the art event at The Shop At Flywheel Press (a co-op art gallery close to downtown San Mateo). The Shop At Flywheel Press is a community art and design center that conducts art classes for kids and adults and also hosts a number of community events including the First Friday event. I will be one of the six artists who will have the privilege of displaying their art work. When I received an email a few weeks back from Jenn & Amber if I was interested in being featured as one of the artists at their First Friday event, I was thrilled! I responded back with a ‘YES.’ After exchanging a few emails with Jenn and meeting her in person and learning more about the Shop, I realized that their mission was truly to foster a community for art and artists in the peninsula Bay Area.

One of the best parts about creating something – be it baking a cake, or crafting a piece of art, or making music is to see the reaction that it receives from others. Social media like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook are great to see what kind of feedback, likes, tweets, shares that you get but nothing compares to getting this feedback in person for an artist. And that is where places like the Shop are attempting to bridge that disconnect between artists and the public. Your art is there for everyone to see in person, to talk about it, to critique it, to tell you what they love about it or dislike about it...I have been fortunate to receive some great feedback and appreciation of my art from my family, friends and even co-workers. But to be able to showcase my work at a community event and to see reactions from total strangers is something I am really look forward to. Since paper quilling is such a beautiful three dimensional art, I feel that the photographs online do not do justice to this art type. In fact, a lot of people miss seeing the three-dimensional qualities that his art possesses. And that is another reason why I am really excited about tomorrow’s event. If you are living in the Bay Area Peninsula region, feel free to pop by at the gallery to check out the art , enjoy some good drinks and food.

The Shop at Flywheel Press - 309 7th Ave, San Mateo, California 94401
Friday Nov 6, 2015 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Facebook event link is here

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