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11. February 2017

One of the reasons I love what I do is because I get to customize my work based on the needs of my customer. It is fun and makes me think outside the box. But custom orders can also get nerve-wracking because there is the big 'What if...' an element of uncertainty of how it'll turn out and if the customer will like it. Recently, a New York based customer messaged me saying she is in love with my Mid Century Modern Cat collection and wanted to order two of the same kind to go with the colors of her decor. She wanted one of the kitty's to have teal and dark teal as dominant colors with magenta, grey, pink, yellow, and light blue as secondary colors and the other one to have magenta and pink as dominant colors with dark teal, grey, teal, yellow, and light blue as secondary colors. I asked her to email me some photographs of her home. I always tell my customers that my color palette is limited to the papers that I can buy. A teal paper is not the most common. After shopping around both online and in the stores, I bought a bunch of papers in different shades of teal. I showed them to my customer and she picked the ones closest to the colors of her home decor. I quilled the pieces and mailed them to her and waited anxiously to hear back. When she did finally get the pieces, she was extremely pleased with them and left me a great review! Enjoy the photographs. 

"Marlene made two pieces of cat artwork for me. She was very patient and responsive to my specific needs. I asked her to deliver the finished work in a few weeks so I could hang it before having guests. As she promised, I got it by the day I had guests. The artwork was awesome. Exactly how I wanted it. My guests gave a compliment too."

Image courtesy of the customer. Posted w/ permission

Image courtesy of the customer. Posted w/ permission

Magenta Cat

Teal Cat

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